Find a reputable breeder

Die Wahl eines Chesapeake   A reputable breeder will tell you about the good and bad points about his breed. He will make sure if his breed is the right breed for you or suggest one that would better suite your life style.

  A reputable breeder invests time, energy and money in his breed. He flies regularely to the States in order to visit american kennels and knows personnally the dogs; he should attend at both, National Field Trial and Show Specialites.

  A reputable breeder will be well-informed about the dogs that appear in the pedigree of his breedings.

  A reputable breeder doesn`t tell you that his dogs and his breeding is the 'best' you can find. He will maintain a realistic point of view on the dogs and the breedings and will be away of any ridiculous excess.

  A reputable breeder is allways politically correct with other breeders. Be aware of breeders who tell you, as potential buyer, that their breeding is better or that their puppies would be more suitable for you and your lifestyle of another one. Reputable breeders don't push, they let you decide for yourself.

  A reputable breeder will be well-informed about the genetic problems in his particular breed and bloodlines, routinely has his dogs tested for problems. Beware of breeders who scoff at genetic testing and say that his particular breed or bloodlines are problem free.

  A reputable breeder shows a real interest in, love for, and knowledge about the breed. He cares about placing puppies in good homes and will often interview potential buyers.

  A reputable breeder requires that pet quality animal will be spayed or neutered. Be aware of breeders who tell you that all of their puppies are working or show quality in a litter.

  A reputable breeder requires a contract, which varies from breeder to breed, but usually spells out the rights of the seller and the buyer, health information, altering and buy back/return policy. He will gladly send you a copy in advance for your review.

  The place (kennel or home) where the breeder keeps the puppies and dogs should be clean and well maintained. Be leery of breeders who will not let you see where the dogs and puppies are kept and insist on bringing them out to you only.

  A reputable breeder is actively involved in dog sports, including showing, performance, and dog clubs. Most will belong to their National Club.

  A reputable breeder is willing to provide answers to all of your questions. He is willing to provide references and names of other people who have purchased puppies.

  A reputable breeder will allow you to meet the puppy's parents and grandparents if they are available, if not available willing to show you photos. Some stud dogs are unavailable if out of state or are on a field trial or show circuit. Many breeders today with modern technology are using shipped chilled or frozen semen and will have information available on these dogs.

  A reputable breeder will follow up on their puppies. They are interested in how the pups develop physically and mentally, difficulties with the puppies, and health problems. They will encourage you to bring your puppies to dog obedience school and obedience classes.

  A reputable breeder should be able to tell you about each of the individual puppies in the litter. A reputable breeder has observed each puppy while raising them and is able to tell you about the personality of each puppy.