- First Chesapeake Bay Retriever breeder in all over southern Germany

- ENCI judge for field trial for Retrievers and FCI (Federation International Cinologique) judge for field trial for Retrievers - Italy, Austria, France, Finland, UK, Spain, Denmark, Germany

- Judge of the European Cup ICC 2012 for Retriever

- Judge of the French Cup 2017 for Retrievers

- Author of articles about the breed, training and methods of training for Retrievers in the magazines - "Cani", "La Gazzetta della Cinofilia Venatoria", "I Nostri Cani" (ENCI), "The Retriever" (DRC), "Le Bulletin "(RCF)

- Presentation of the breed on TV programs from Sky TV Broadcast

- Organization of training, tests & trials for Retrievers at national and
international level

- Member of the Chesapeake Bay Retriever Breeding Commission of Retriever Club de France (2000-2013) and the German Retriever Club (2007-2013)

- Member of the American Chesapeake Club (since 1996) and the English Chesapeake Club (since 2003)

- Regional Director for Germany of the American Chesapeake Club

- Member of the Italian (since 1996), French (since 1996) and the German Retriever Club (since 1998), a founding member of the Working Retriever Club Italia

- Since 1996 affection, respect and dedication to the breed, which is reflected in our selected litters

- In 20 years a very limited and highly-selected number of bred litters

- Owner and Breeder of:
1 Champion / Field Trial Champion / Amateur Field Trial Champion (first and only Chesapeake in Europe which has won both titles FT)
1 Champion / Amateur Field Trial Champion (Chesapeake youngest in Europe)
* 5 Champion / All Breeds Field Trial Winner
* 3 All Breeds Working Test Winner
* 1 Mock Trial Winner

- Breeders of over 28 titled CBR in various disciplines in Europe

- 1 ┬░ Chesapeake Bay Retriever breeders in Germany for number of descendants examined for hips & elbows joints and eye diseases

- Above average values of the free health bred dogs -. Hip & elbow joints dysplasia and hereditary eye diseases

- Highest rate in Germany of Chesapeake Bay Retriever progeny examined for inherited eye disease and highest rate of dogs certified free of inherited eye diseases