Which breeding ?

Die Wahl eines ChesapeakeThe choice of a dog involves the choice of a breeding too. Before you pick your chessie it's important you pick the right breeding for you.

Although most chessies are able to be nice hunting dogs, not all breedings are phisically and mentally suitable for hard or advanced work. Courage, intelligence, desire, love for water, drive and style, trainability, marking ability, nose are very important qualities when your goal is the true hunt or each type of work or sport. Not all breedings are focused on this.

When you are a freetime hunter without big goal in the hunt or when you intend to compete just in the show ring, a breeding more focused on show qualities will be probably the best choice for you; but when you are an autentic sportsmen, a serious hunter or when you think that a Chesapeake has to be a powerful and active dog you need to find a solid working breeding.

To be honest about yourself, your lifestyl and your goals can help you in order to find the right dog for you. In order to know what you really are buying simply ask the breeders from which LINES the parents come. A reputable breeder is able to tell you honestly about the pedigree of his breedings.

Pictures:FC AFC CFC CAFC Chesdel Chippewa Chief.

Dr. Daniel Horn, with CH Eastern Waters Brown Charger, who earned his title in 1966. His record is 160 Best of Breed and 30 group placements.