We own Chesapeakes since 1996, when my husband worked at the School of Veterinary Medicine of Davis (California) and lived in the US. Our love for the breed began at first as love for the States. In our opinion Chessies have all the best, true, old american traits: they are brave, determinated, independent and tremendous serious hardworker.

SedgeGrass dogs are stucturally sound, very well conform to the breed standard, have an high working and hunting disposition and a tipical character.
We like Chesapeakes with very quick and bright intelligence, high desire to retrieve, drive and natural styl, dogs that are easy to train and to handle and are hardgoing in the field.

On our HP you can find informations about the breed and our dogs, litters and breeding program, and - at last but not least - our life and many trips in the States.
Have fun on surfing and feel free to contact us for informations or questions.