Is the chessie right for you?

Die Wahl eines ChesapeakeChesapeakes are wonderful working, hunting and family dogs but they are not suitable for everyone. They arent genetically related to Goldens or Labradors, they are protective, determinated, willful, sensitive and affectionate dogs. They require a special kind of owner. When you decide to choose a Chessies , keep honestly in mind your temperament and your lifestyle.

Please dont overestimate your skill and don't fall in the trap to think that because you were able to train successfully a golden or a lab you will be able to train and handle Chesapeakes as well.

Chesapeakes are easy dogs to train and to handle for people with knowledge and understanding of the breed's mind-set or for people with some 'hand' for dogs. Chesapeakes can also be difficult to train, not because of their reputed thoughness, but rather an inherent softness. Training mistakes are costly with Chesapeakes. We try to make as few mistakes as possible, but we still make some... and Peakes remember our blunders. They are smart, have good memories, and may bear a grudge.

Almost all the people handling Chessies successfully are essentially Chessies people. Usually they dont come from others retriever breeds and very often they don`t own and don't want other retriever breeds.