We have been the first and for many years the only Chesapeake breeder in all South Germany.
We have worked, showed and bred Chesapeakes in Germany as this breed was totally unknown to most people. In these last 20 years we have spent our time, energies and commitment to bring this breed responsibly closer to the people.

SedgeGrass dogs always tried to make honor to their breed, we are very proud of our work,. A concrete and objective viewpoint on the Chesapeake Bay Retriever and/or on our own dogs has never failed us, which has also brought us the respect and appreciation of many breeders and dog handlers of other breeds. Hundreds of times we have renonced to sell dogs if we were not persuaded that the future owner and the Chesapeake would become happy one with one another.

Since my first litter I have started a breeding program in order to breed Chesapeakes of the highest possible quality.

For us this means:

* Correct and typical appearance

All of our dogs conform to the breed standard.
Chesapeakes are working dogs. A correct function is the most important prerequisite for an efficient working breed. Good conformation and a good, proper body are ultimately a reflection of the individual attributes that enable, in the subject that they own, the best fit to its natural environment. Dogs are not static things. A correct function of a dog is ultimately the result of a proper conformation to the movement.
I don't breed overtypes, but a good show quality Chesapeake.
Proper conformation and proportion, correct coat quality, a reasonable amount of substance and size, these are my priorities.

* Stable hunting and working disposition - Balanced and reliable character

All our dogs are actively trained and worked till the highest level.
This allows me not only to recognize in detail their specific working quality, but also to understand how far each single dog tolerates the mental stress which any advanced training brings with.
Many Chesapeake works nicely, as long as they are hunted or worked on a beginner's level. But as soon as the level of work and the stress increase, they often mentally don't hold this. This is a very important aspect which is generally defined as "trainability".
It is impossible to breed dogs of stable working quality if they were never trained for the specific advanced retriever work.
All my breedings are based on compatible bloodlines and types, natural working disposition, temperament, trainability, and physical characteristics. Excellent marking, speed, nose and desire are all "must" in our breeding program. Experience has taught me that the best working dogs as well as the most reliable family dogs come out from this type of breeding. This is the right dog for sportsmen, serious hunters, people with an authentic outdoor lifestyle and active families who desire a reliable and loyal companion.

* Sturdy Health

I only breed with proven healthy dogs.
All our dogs are certified free of hip and elbow dysplasia. They are genetically tested for PRA, DM, EIC and annually certified free of all types of cataract. For greater transparency, on the 'Archived Litters' you can find all results of our offsprings.
Both our bitches as our stud dogs are strictly selected for their excellent reproductive capacity, either during the mating than the birth and raising puppies.
In the last years the availability of many new genetic tests and online databases has led many people to pretend to have found the key to the perfect breeding. Be aware and keep in mind that the available tests as any veterinary examination for the reputable and knowledgeable breeder is a means to plan his matings but not the only goal. For the general, overall health of a breed all available veterinary examinations should not be used and advertised for short-sighted, commercial purposes.

* Respect for the breed

Our dogs are 'family' for us.
Breeding dogs is'nt for me a job nor an hobby, but it is the natural development and consequence of my passion for this breed and, generally, for breeding, this understood as combination of Nature and Culture.
We breed on a very limited basis. Only bitches who already have proved very well their qualities on the field and in the show ring are admitted to my personal breeding program. My goal is always to obtain litters which are useful for both, owners as well as for the breed.
The Chesapeake Bay Retriever Standard accepts many colors, no color is preferred. For this reason, no specific coat color is preferred or promoted in our breeding program.
Our females raise normally 2 litters in their life, sometime 3. With 8 years they are then retired from the breeding. All our former breeding females live with us until their last day. I think the current trend of many to give away their own previous breeding females to make room in the house to younger females, as shameless exploitation. I consider this behavior at the same level of the animal stations, where the dogs are not part of the family but they are just an integral part of the annual budget of the family.

If you are interesting in a puppy for competition (show / work), it is advisable to get in touch with us in advance. I am very strict, about which I consider suitable for show or for work. Each puppy has its own personality and its own skills and characteristics. As long Chesapeake owner, breeder and judge, I have first hand knowledge of how a puppy needs to be to be successful. It may happen that I recommend you to wait for a certain future breeding. Call us, speak openly with us, tell us your desires and preferences, and - last but not least - be prepared to wait all the necessary time.

Our puppies are raised in our house and socialized correctly. They have a large, bright and comfortable own room, an own kitchen, a huge, secure pen with terrace, cottages, heating for the fresh days, toys, tools ... so all the necessary. In addition, our fenced and huge garden is at their disposal. They are several times dewormed, microchipped and get their first shots. Puppies are ready to go to their new families with 8 weeks.

We follow the development and life of all of our bred dogs with genuine interest, true love and proved competence and we are always at disposal of the owners for any questions, opinions, and training advices.

Do you have any questions about the breed, our breeding or the current Litter?

We are on the phone number 07641-9330049 or the 0172-3772594 happy to help.