We purchased our first Chessie in 1996 in the United States. We were very lucky, Drake was a talented retriever, we placed and gained togheter working tests and field trials in Italy, France and Germany.

Since then, SedgeGrass Chesapeakes - bred by us or owned - are a continuous, stable and successful presence at international level in all classes of competition for Retriever: dummy tests, working tests, field trials and dummy trials.

FR DUAL CH / CH TF / INT CH / CH DT / VDH CH Caroway's Sergeant Pepper JH WDQ (owner: Kennel SedgeGrass) trained and handled by myself, won 2 Field Trial Championships (Française & Anglaise) in France in 2004.

FR CH / CH TF / INT CH / CH DT / VDH CH SedgeGrass Acid Test, bred, trained and handled by me, won her first field trial with 20 months and earned a Field Trial Champion title with just two years (2004). She is the youngest Chesapeake bitch who ever won a Field Trial title in Europe .

By working with these three exceptional Chesapeakes and by learning and training with the most famous european and american judges and retriever trainer, I've slowly built up my training program. My success is the result of years of experience with many different Chessies, both in working test and in field trials. Positive reinforcement, trust and mutual respect in my opinion are the basis for an honest and genuine relationship. My Training philosophy is dedicated on producing a perfect synergy between dog and leader, by focusing on posture, exercise and respect of the dog's natural attitude. I am convinced that if a dog is not physically in a perfect condition and is well trained, he will not be able to apply his full concentration and thereby to demonstrate its capabilities and qualities throughout. All of our dogs, whether they are still in the sporting career, or already in retirement, are kept in the best possible physical and mental conditions.

In contrast to most I never wanted to be a professional trainer. Because I want to be free, I never did liked to convert my passion for the breed in a job. For this reason I don't offer any courses, although I'm always asked. Nevertheless, I have helped many owners to train their own retriever and to compete till high level. After almost 20 years of intensive training with many different Chesapeakes I've seen and know almost everything but I still enjoy to train my dogs and I like to help the owners who want to bring their own dogs further on into the competition.

In winter I enjoy to go hunting with my dogs (usually I take 2 or 3 dogs with me), to picking up (ducks, pheasants, quails) as well as to the typical german hunt (deer, wild boars, foxes). Although I have perfect knowledges of hunting and their environment, weapons and shooting are not my primary interest, which mainly is focused on the dogs, their training and their breeding.

After almost 20 years of continuous improvements in the selection, breeding and training of the Chesapeake Bay retriever, I try to maintain in all my dogs the balance between character, temperament, health and attitude that are typical of SedgeGrass Chesapeakes.